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The Rockstar Academy program takes the rock star experience to the next level!


Our rock school students will rehearse in one of our state of the art rehearsal rooms at the school, all the while getting ready to dress rehearse and to perform on the same world class stage that hundreds of national acts call home each year.  ​​​

Our calendar of performances and recitals are a focal point of the program. We provide the unique opportunity for students to feel what a live stage performance is all about on world class professional stages all over Long Island!



Experience Counts
RockStar Academy students and ensembles are trained by experienced professional coaches who have ​the teaching and performing credentials required to help you grow as a musician and performer. This combination is unique and unlike any other school. ​The student population at RockStar Academy is given special access to the bands, artists, and guest teachers available on site to help turn these young musicians into future stars!

Collaborate and Learn
Group participation, collaboration, making friends…the social aspects of starting a band. Learn the classics of Rock and current popular tunes! Learn to negotiate in a small group with an experienced coach, who will help aspiring performers collaborate in a supportive environment.


Recording and Songwriting
Our RockStar Academy Songwriting Workshops foster creativity, encouraging songwriters to grow and improve their craft. Students will showcase their songs in a professional recording and live performance setting. The RockStar Academy program is a hands on experience that improves, confidence, promotes collaboration with friends and starts a social journey of a lifetime!



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